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About Us

We are a full-service independent insurance agency Sauk Rapids, MN. We offer a wide range of insurance products from a great selection of insurance companies. This gives us the ability to offer excellent rates and on-going flexibility because we do the shopping for you!
Having served central Minnesota residents since 1934, our business foundation is built on long-term relationships and referrals. We believe in the Golden Rule – treating people the way we’d like to be treated – which means we value each and every policyholder as both a neighbor as well as a customer. You can trust our proven history of dedicated personal service and our promise to serve our customers with character and integrity.

Jim Trewick, Agent & former owner of Tri-County In

Jim is transitioning into retirement someday, but is still very much engaged with the agency process and can still be found at least a couple of days a week in the office. With 30+ years of experience, Jim is a great wealth of knowledge and can do it all. We appreciate having his support and expertise on hand, but also enjoy watching him get to enjoy some of his many other pastimes a little more often too.

Robert (Bob) Kerestes, Agent

Bob is our crop insurance specialist as well as a top Health/Medicare agent. He can do it all. Bob is a fun one, always ready with a quick funny story and loves to share a laugh. He brings experience and a grounded relational approach to the insurance process. Plus he is willing to shovel the sidewalk, sometimes.

Susan (Sue) Schneider, Agent – Sauk Rapids

Sue is our commercial specialist in the office, spending most of her time on Business and Commercial type accounts. But her expertise doesn’t stop there! She is a fabulous help to all in need within the office, whether it be computers or finding lost things or just needing good ideas. She keeps a good eye on things and makes sure it’s all working well.

Karen Reber, Agent – Sauk Rapids

Michelle is the first person you will probably meet when you call or visit the Sauk Rapids office. Warm and friendly, she is there to help. She is one of our newest team members, but has quickly become such a great fit with the team and the clients. Michelle brings her experience and love of people to every interaction, and seems to mysteriously know almost everyone. It might be fitting to call her our social butterfly?

Elaine Hagen, Agent – Sauk Rapids and Foley

Elaine is here to help us help you! Elaine, with her many years of insurance experience, helps our offices in Sauk Rapids and Foley in a variety of ways. Whether it is greeting clients by phone or with a smile as you walk in, she helps us keep things organized and moving. Although we only see her part-time, she is a big part of keeping the process flowing smoothly – and all while adding some flavor and spice with her fun and wit.

Janice (Jan) Kipka, Agent – Foley

Jan is amazing! She has been running the Foley location office for over 24 years now, and as a long-time Foley area resident, it seems she knows just about everyone around. Warm and kind to all, she knows her clients well, and takes great care of each and every one.

Rebecca (Becky) Voss, Administrative Specialist

Becky used to be our main receptionist, but nowadays she works behind the scenes as a specialist in fine details. She keeps the information management system updated on a daily basis so both the agents and the owners have important information right at their fingertips. She plays a very valuable and important role quietly and faithfully, without much limelight, and we are so glad to have her!